About Eternalbuilders


I’m a solo game developer located a few miles north of Norway’s capital Oslo. I am deeply passionate about open world survival and factory games, matched only with my passion for Japanese culture, particularly the Japanese Tea Ceremony. In Senzo, I’m combining it all.

I have a master’s degree from the local university and have worked in the IT industry for a decade and a half. In game development, I’m faced with the same dilemma as the rest of the industry; buy an off the shelf solution or build it myself. Both approaches have their merits, and my approach is a pragmatic one.

As a solo game developer, I don’t think doing it all from scratch is feasible. As such, I will rely on assets to build my game, particularly for the graphics and sound. When it comes to code, I’m happy to use third-party code to improve my productivity, but a bit more hesitant to use third-party code that will go into the shipped product. But no rule without exception.


Stage 1 – Demo – COMPLETED
The goal is to have a playable demo with five hours of playability ready by 1st of April 2023. At this stage, the game should contain the core game loop of gathering resources, building houses, and even a few possibilities for automating work using your descendants or followers.

Stage 2 – Kickstarter
Before launching a Kickstarter to fund graphical and sound work, the game should be in the early alpha stage. It should have a tutorial, some story elements, and a fully-fledged building and automation system at this stage. It should also have rudimentary enemies and a system for learning new abilities and improving old ones. I strive to get to this stage in 2024.

Stage 3 – Early Access
Before going to early access, the game should have at least 50 hours of playability and should be polished for the content it has both graphically, sound, and game feel. Goal of getting to this stage in 2025.

Stage 4 – v1.0


Org Nr: 988921459