Friends Demo - v0.0.5

Warning – This version will work with previous saves.


  • The game is changed to First Person and no longer has 3rd person as an option. 
  • The player loses life force over time and needs to find perfect specimens of food to consume to regain their life force. You lose about 5 per minute. This is the red bar in the UI. Currently, nothing happens when you get to 0.


New Features

  • Tutorial / Quests
    • You start with a series of tutorial quests
  • NPC Added with the following feature
    • Search for food
    • Idle around
  • Holding in the jump button will make the jump longer and higher
  • When you are within 20m of a Shrine, you get an additional 1 mana per minute. 
  • Map
    • Open with M 
    • Close with M / ESC or X button.
    • Zoom with scroll wheel, or + / – button
    • Drag map to change view 
  • New building items
    • Larger stone elements to support your buildings
    • Lamps
    • Roof Straw
    • Roof wall to cover up the triangle under the roof
    • Shoji window, stationary and sliding
    • Straw roof
    • Tatami
    • Wooden walls of various sizes and shapes
    • Wooden Sliding Door
  • When building, the building piece you are pointing at will turn yellow if it can’t support what you are trying to build. This doesn’t always mean that the piece will fall down, as it might get support from something else. Calculating stability takes a bit of time when placing a new piece, so there is a short delay before the yellow shows up.  
  • Goats roam around the landscape, eating your mushroom and any other edible food. 
    • Walks around
    • Looks for food
    • Goats can produce more goats, require two goats in good health and some time (this is the only way to get more goats, so you can drive them extinct)
    • Eat mushrooms
    • If attacked, it will flee
    • Converts health to stamina while fleeing, so it can be killed by chasing it long enough.
    • Drop meat when killed. The body dissipates after some seconds. 
    • Have a small chance of dropping perfect meat
  • Mushrooms 
    • Can be picked up with E
    • Goats will eat them
    • You can’t eat mushrooms, as they contain no spiritual sustenance. You need perfect mushrooms. 
  • Perfect Food
    • Perfect Red Mushrooms spawn naturally 
    • Perfect Meat can be dropped from goats
    • Perfect food can be used in two ways at the moment
      • Equip and left click = consume will restore your health and give you half a stack of the normal version
      • Equip and right click = will turn it into a full stack of the regular version
    • Perfect versions have a blue outline in inventory and a sparkling effect in the world



  • Longer beams have received attachment points every meter in the center to make it easier to attach other things. 
  • Upgraded the feedback system. F2 opens it. Submitted feedback is visible on It will include a screenshot, hardware info, and debug info in addition to what you add. , 
  • When opening menus like settings, help, or feedback form the game pauses. It is still running if you open inventory and other other “in-game” functions. 
  • F1 now also closes the help menu, not just opens it. 


Console commands:

  • AllEquipments – Gives you a copy of a piece of equipment. This is to get all the scrolls that teach you abilities. 
  • AllKnowledge – Gives you all powers, actions, and building objects
  • LevelUp2 = DEPRECATED
  • LevelUp3 = DEPRECATED
  • SpawnFood – Adds 10 red mushrooms in an area around you
  • SpawnGoat – Adds two goats in an area around you
  • AddMeat – Add a full stack of Meat
  • AddPerfectMeat – Adds one perfect meat

Known bugs

  • When creating a new game, the conifer trees don’t have physical from. If you exit the game and start over, they will work as intended.

Friends Demo - v0.0.4

New Features

  • Mana is saved and no longer resets on game start
  • UI for Mana and HP (Nothing affects HP now, so it is always full)
  • You are prevented from destroying containers if they contain items.
  • You are prevented from destroying crafting stations if they are producing an item or it contain an item.
  • If a container or crafting station’s support disappears, the stability system now spawns the content of the container/crafting station before it breaks apart so you don’t lose the content. 
  • E now closes all open inventories. This is so that when you open a container or crafting station, you can close it down with the same key as you opened it. 
  • BackupSaveGame command is run every 10 minutes the game is open. This folder is never cleaned, which means the game will produce an estimated 240 mb of storage every hour of play. You have to clean up the backup folder yourself manually. The backup path is printed to the console when it does the copy. You get a 20 second warning as the game freezes while waiting for the copy.
  • The game no longer auto-saves on exit but asks if you want to save. 


New Console Commands

  • BuildForFree – Building doesn’t cost any resources
  • BuildWithCost – Building will not cost resources again. 
  • BackupSaveGame – Save your current game, then copies the save folder to a backup folder.


Changed behavior / Improvement

  • When you lose or gain items, they no longer show cumulative. Instead, they show +X or -X followed by how many you have after this change in your inventory. The time the message is shown is also reduced to 5 seconds. 
  • Bamboo stack size increased to 50. 
  • Adjusted timing on (mass) harvest magical powers. 
  • Bamboo doesn’t fall over they become resources immediately since they were too hard to hit while on the ground. 


Bug fix

  • Adjustments to the stability system and minor changes to the building save format.
  • The time to research Mass Harvest was 6 seconds instead of 600 seconds, this has been fixed. 
  • Iron bars are no longer automatically generated from iron ore if you miss it when you build something. 
  • Stone size has been adjusted, the smallest is not bigger, and the largest is smaller
  • Visual effects on harvesting magic now work properly
  • Inconsistent UI responses to some keys related to inventory.
  • Message about full inventory now only displays in the appropriate crafting station. 
  • Showing the wrong output items for secondary and later output items in recipes
  • Drag and drop of an empty inventory slot now has an improved UI

Friends Demo -v0.0.3

New Features

  • Research new powers, abilities, and building components using the Research Table. It produces a scroll that, when equipped and used (left mouse click), teach you its content 

New building pieces

  • Floor interior renamed to Floor interior 1×1, a new Floor Interior added that is 2x2m
  • Floor Dirt and Floor Dirt 1×1 
  • Research table
  • Storage Box to store items in


  • Stones on the ground were made larger to make them easier to spot.
  • Keyboard mapping added to settings/controls

Console Commands

  • Day – Sets the time of day to 07:00
  • Evening – Sets the time of day to 19:00

Bug fix

  • Trashing and dropping items from inventory fixed
  • Bad naming of recipes in crafting station
  • Crafting station resets production time correctly if it completes building something while the UI is closed. 
  • Crafting Station recipe producing more than a full stack of items now correctly produce the items they say they will produce
  • Help window close button fixed
  • Swimming fixed
  • Forge had same recipe as mud dryer, now have the correct recipes

Friends Demo - v0.0.2

New features

  • Forge added to produce ore and iron bar
  • A woodworking table added to produce planks
  • Escape now hides the command console


  • Planks are no longer automatically produced when you build something requiring planks.
  • Consol no longer closes when you submit a command 
  • Beams now all require planks
  • Amount of stones in each stone pile has been reduced. It will not impact existing saves. 

Consol Commands

  • Commands to add a full stack of resources to your inventory
    • AddBamboo
    • AddMudWater
    • AddStone
    • AddWood


Friends Demo - v0.0.1


  • Inventory management
  • Building
  • Crafting station for bucket and mud
  • Harvesting of trees
  • Collecting rock
  • Mana regeneration

Consol commands

  • LevelUp2
  • LevelUp3