In Short

Senzo is a samurai-inspired open world survival game where you play the ancestor spirit returned to set things right for a downtrodden family. Gather resources, defend your family, and build homes and castles. Do it all alone, or make your descendants help you automate it.

Your Choice

You can play Senzo as a traditional open world survival game, gather all the resources, and build all the buildings yourself. Or you can choose to automate the process, using your descendants and followers to create an ever more complex automation network. It is your choice how you rebuild your family’s legacy and prospects.

Are you a benevolent spirit returned to bring peace and harmony to your descendants and followers? Or are you concerned only with the family’s glory and not the well-being of its members? Do you aid or exploit? 

The Story

You died having bought your family glory to its pinnacle. Now hundreds of years later, it has all crumbled to dust. Your last descendant has successfully summoned you back from the other side to rebuild the family’s glory and prestige. As you awaken from eternal slumber, the family needs your help more than ever to survive the coming winter.